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Graphic Design USA Inhouse Design Winners 2014

I'm happy to announce that along with the countless print vendor and photographer solicitations in my mailbox there was this envelope containing winning certificates for eight 2014 GD USA In-House Design Awards. Look for the print issue coming out soon. Below are my winning entries for this year including the Global Payments rebrand and Annual Report.


Gangsta Rap Pixl Portraits

I've been working on quite a few new series of these 3x3 Pixl Paintings (formally known as mini baddass paintings). The gangsta rap series was inspired by the Mrs' love of blasting old school gangsta rap while she studies. I chose three of her favorites Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Snoop D-O-double G.


Global Payments Rebrand

Over the past six months I have been working tirelessly on the rebrand of Global Payments Inc. (an International Fortune 1000 Corporation). Global Payments wanted to be able to speak with a unified voice across the 20+ countries they operate in. The Company wanted to reiterate, "Who Global Payments is and modernize their visual presence. The color palete was given a refresh with a few brighter colors added, the font was also refreshed with the Univse family replacing Arial. The photographic aproach is also new choosing strong graphic images rather than obvious staged images.

All Corporate Marketing material is created based on a grid system. The use of this grid allows for design flexibility but still keeps a consistent look and feel across all materials. The main grid is a fluid 6 column grid with a 12pt gutter and baseline.



Inspiration (The Artwork of JOHN DYER BAIZLEY)

One of the benefits of living in Georgia is the selection of local metal bands. Atlanta has Zoroaster, Wizard Smoke and Mastadon, while Savanah offers Black Tusk, Kylesa and Baroness.

When John Dyer Baizley isn't busy fronting Baroness (if you don't own Green and Yellow I suggest you change that right now) he is creating some of the most imressive art nouveu inspired fine art out there. Much like Derek Hess (I really do hope these two collaborate sometime) John's work feels equally at home in a design show at MOMA as it does on a 7-inch on display at Criminal Records. You can purcahse shirt and prints here.


Global Payments 2013 Annual Report 

For this years' Annual Report cover I wanted a way to showcase Global Payments footprint without using a map or photos of cities are located in. I was inspired by the tour stop backs of concert T-shirts and in particular by the inner sleeve design of Weather Report's 1979 live album 8:30, designed by Nancy Donald. This approach also worked as a sneak peak into the more Swiss inspired design approach Global Payments has adopted in their upcoming rebranding efforts.

The design highlights all of Global Payments worldwide offices with the main offices highlighted and extra emphasis placed on future expansion (AND...).



(you can see the 2012 report here)